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About Freeport Monumental Works

 Freeport Monumental Works was established by Pomponio Pofi (pictured) in 1921. Throughout the years, it has remained a local family owned and operated business specializing in granite and bronze markers. Current owner, Robert Ranieri, the grandson of Pomponio, and his son, Anthony Ranieri, continue to pursue the family tradition of excellence.


Our Facilities


    We design and construct the monuments at our own shop.  Most of the work will be created on site.   We are able to oversee the entire process to ensure the desired result.  

Creating a memorial allows you to express respect and love for someone who touched your life. We want to capture your loved ones through our monuments.  We take the time to listen and educate you so you can choose the memorial that best celebrates your loved one's life

Our Staff

Anthony Ranieri    4th generation

Full time employee since 1993

Bret Reichenbaugh  10 years of experience




Office:     724-295-2320

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